Advisory from the Moe Davis for Congress Campaign

It has come to our attention that our opponent is planning an event in the parking lot at Biltmore Park outside the Western Carolina University site where the debate will be held on Sept. 4, and another in the parking lot at WCU in Cullowhee for the second debate on Sept. 5. This is according to an email sent out by the Madison Cawthorn campaign to supporters:

“We Have it on good authority that there will be a lot of Moe Davis supporters there and we need to totally eclipse their numbers and enthusiasm! We need: TRUCKS, JEEPS, and FLAGS (AMERICAN, BLUE LINE, GADSDEN)

“This is our chance to show Moe Davis that we will not back down to his mob!”

We want to caution Moe Davis supporters that this could be a super-spreader event for COVID-19. We would advise that supporters watch the debate from home as there is no direct access to see the debates in person at the venues.

—Moe Davis for Congress Campaign

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  • Just one more confirmation that Madison Cawthorn has thrown his lot in with the very far right elements in America. They are destroying the very fabric of civility and inclusion that we are fighting for. Do Not let this happen- vote and support Moe Davis for Congress from NC 11. Fight the forces of Anti-Americanism parading as “patriots”. They are not.

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