David Wilson Brown Endorses Moe Davis for Congress





Many of you may know that I ran for Congress in the old 10th District against Patrick McHenry in 2018 and was preparing for a re-match before the redrawing of our districts. I stayed in the race in newly drawn 5th District against Virginia Foxx and I have to tell you, Moe Davis is the real deal for the 11th District.

I had the opportunity to get to know Col. Davis very early in the primary process last year. I did my research on him and was blown away by his background and experience. I got to meet him and his wife, Lisa, and talked about our visions for Western North Carolina last summer. If I am fortunate enough to win my election, I could not imagine a better partner in Washington to shepherd in a new era for our gorgeous part of the state. Understand, I am saying this as an unabashed “progressive” Democrat who recognizes that we are a big tent party and Moe’s more central position is a fine fit for a district that goes from Cherokee to Buncombe to Avery counties.

If we go to Washington together, you can be sure that there will be a lot of discussions about more progressive approaches to policy issues, but I’m not fooling myself. Moe is his own man and he will do what he believes is right for his district. Only two things held me back from endorsing Moe in his primary: The concern that my endorsement would unfairly influence former supporters and my loyalty to my friend Phillip Price.

The young man who is Moe’s Republican opponent is nothing more than a pretty face with a very questionable backstory and a ton of external money. This is the year to take back this very independent-minded district with a forward-thinking representative who is ready to get the best deal for all of its constituents, not someone who will serve just those who voted for him. Moe has proven that he can resist pressure from the leadership of both major parties as a man who has held his ground against both the Bush and the Obama administrations, putting his job on the line both times.

If the worst Mr. Cawthorn can throw at Moe is that he stood up against torture and some claims that he’s a carpetbagger when he’s WNC born and raised, only leaving to serve his country, well I think his arguments against Moe are really just more reasons to put your trust in him. Moe is a well-educated, well-intentioned, empathetic candidate who has already spent years serving his country and will be ready to lead from Day One.

I hope to God that we get the opportunity to serve our nation together and restore a better road forward for working-class North Carolinians.

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