Asheville Citizen Times Endorses Moe Davis for Congress

EDITORIAL: WNC finally has a fair fight in the 11th.
Moe Davis is the only choice to win

Western North Carolina has finally reclaimed its congressional district. Now it can reclaim real representation, but only if it can stomach putting a qualified candidate ahead of partisan loyalty.

North Carolina’s 11th District historically has encompassed the counties from Burke westward. It has been a swing district, represented at various times by Democrats James McClure Clark and Heath Shuler and Republicans Bill Hendon and Charles Taylor.

Then came the GOP takeover of 2010. The new General Assembly extended the 10th District, based in the Charlotte area, west to take in most of Asheville. The result was to make the 11th a safe Republican district, represented by Mark Meadows until he resigned to become White House chief of staff.

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