Letter to the Editor: Follow the Money

In the last two weeks, the ‘Fund for Growth’ has launched a $35 million ad blitz to elect far-right candidates who support their agenda: the repeal of ‘Obamacare,’ the replacement of Social Security with individual retirement accounts and the adoption of a flat tax in which working class Americans would pay the same rate as the billionaires who bankroll the ‘Fund for Growth.’

Here in western North Carolina they are supporting Madison Cawthorn, the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District with ads attacking Cawthorn’s Democratic opponent, the experienced retired Air Force Prosecutor and former law professor, Morris ‘Moe” Davis. Their ads claim that Davis favors defunding the Police. That is a lie. It also claims that the former military prosecutor, ‘opposed charging Ft. Hood murderer Nidal Hasan with terrorism despite his ties to Al Qaeda.’ The Uniform Code of Military Justice, under which Hasan was tried and sentenced to death, has no provision for the charge of terrorism.

Voters should ask themselves: why is the far-right Club for Growth supporting an inexperienced and pliable 24-year old with a documented history of making misleading statements about his financial status, his education, and his experience?

—-Dan Carter, Brevard

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