Letter to the Editor: An affront to veterans

I am outraged that the Madison Cathorn campaign attacks the disability status of Moe Davis (Citizen Times, Oct. 12). Clearly they know nothing about the nature of military service or what a disabled veteran is. Moe Davis never claims to be a combat disabled veteran. In fact, most of the 4.7 million veterans with a service-connected disability rating were not combat veterans. I am one of those.

Serving in the military is an inherently dangerous undertaking; whether facing combat or participating in training exercises. Data shows that the longer a person serves, the more likely they are to suffer a service-related disability. Congress voted on 38 CFR serves as the basis for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, including adjudication of veterans disability claims. That someone who is running for the US House of Representatives displays their ignorance of the VA while holding veterans in such low regard is unconscionable.

—-Steve Hayleck, Asheville

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