Letter to the Editor: Before you vote, consider . . .

Are you safer today than you were four years ago? Is the government able to protect you and your family from this public health crisis? Is your healthcare secure? Do you even have healthcare? Is your job safe? Are you upbeat about the economy? Will you be able to retire?

Are you optimistic about your children’s future? Is the country better able to protect itself from threats foreign and domestic? And do you feel America is still a world leader?

If you answer “Yes,” vote for incumbents. But if you think we’re less prepared for the challenges ahead, your choice is equally obvious. You must vote for change.

This year, Vice President Joe Biden, Senate candidate Cal Cunningham and (Ret.) Col. Moe Davis (NC-11) represent that change. All three are Democrats, which might be a particularly difficult choice for some. Then again, unusual times call for unusual measures.

So please, consider your family, your community and your country. Ask yourself, honestly; Aresafe today than you were just four years ago?

It’s not just a fair question. It’s the most important question this election.

—Stephen Advokat, Asheville

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