Letter To The Editor, Conservatives: Vote For Moe

I’m writing to strongly endorse Colonel Moe Davis (USAF, Ret.), Democratic nominee for Congress. Even if you usually vote Republican, please hear me out. I’m not a left-wing liberal. I served 34 years in the military and usually voted straight Republican unless the Democrat was clearly better. Well in this race Moe Davis is way better.

Why? Experience, integrity and leadership. Moe served 25 years in the military as an Air Force attorney and then worked 10 more years as a researcher, professor and judge. His 25-year-old opponent has little formal education or work experience and earned D’s in one semester of college before dropping out. What’s more, Moe has repeatedly demonstrated integrity by doing the right thing, even when it hurt his career. He resigned as the Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay over the issue of torture-obtained evidence. And later, he was fired from the government for writing an article critical of the Obama administration. In stark contrast, his opponent misled the public by implying that a tragic auto accident ‘derailed’ his plan to attend the Naval Academy when in actuality his application had been rejected before the accident.

Finally, Moe will be a unifier, leading our NC-11 District and representing all the citizens of Western NC, not just those who vote for him. Alternatively, his opponent appears to have no agenda that ‘supporting’ Donald Trump. So no matter your party, if you value the qualities of experience, integrity and unifying leadership in Washington, vote for Moe!

—-Rick Devereaux, Asheville


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