Letter to the Editor: Davis is the only qualified candidate

In these final days of the Congressional race, recent displays of Madison Cawthorn’s lack of knowledge are contained in an interview with Kyle Perrotti that appears in the October 28 issue of the Waynesville Mountaineer: (Regarding another stimulus package) Cawthorn . . . said he believes a plan will be brought to the floor to be voted on by the lame-duck Congress and that, if elected, he’ll be weighing in on the vote.

Cawthorn stated erroneously that the winner of the race will be sworn in as soon as soon as those results are finalized. ‘Interestingly enough, I was given these insights because the special election is concurrent with the General Election, so I will be sworn in in November,’ Cawthorn said.

‘It’s a traditional election to fill the seat at the swearing in of the next congress,’ said Chris Cooper, who heads the Western Carolina University political science department. Who does not know that there was no special election for our district in 2020?

Madison Cawthorn- He never bothered to learn the law. How can he be trusted to write laws if he does not take the time to read the law? Moe Davis knows the law and so much more about our district, its people, and their needs. He will be in the House majority in 117th United States Congress, positioned to benefit all who reside in Western North Carolina.

Vote Moe Davis for Congress on or before November 3.

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