Letter to the Editor: No Need For More Fighters in Congress

Madison Cawthorn’s website states: “Send a fighter to Congress.”

In fact, the term “fight” is referenced several times throughout his pitch: fighting against liberals, conservationists, “left-wing socialists,” AOC and “the Squad,” the AHCA, gun control proponents, the nebulous “left” and apparently anyone who holds opinions contrary to Mr. Cawthorn. The candidate has sworn 100 percent allegiance to the divider in chief in the White House, who for the past four years has provoked chaos, mistrust, and hatred among the people of this country. Mr. Cawthorn appears more than ready to fall in line. I suggest we don’t need another representative from the 11th District of North Carolina in Washington with a chip on his shoulder.

Send a fighter to Congress? No thanks. We have enough there already.

—-Robert Michael Jones, Sylva

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