Letter to the Editor: Protect Yourself With Your Vote

President Trump has proposed eliminating the Social Security payroll tax. The Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration has projected that if that proposal is enacted, Social Security will not be able to pay benefits after 2023. I sent Emails to candidates asking if they supported President Trump’s proposal.

Cal Cunningham was unequivocal; he strongly opposes this proposal and believes seniors should continue to receive their Social Security benefits. Thom Tillis responded with a two-page letter that discussed his support for COVID relief and the temporary payroll tax suspension. Tillis completely ignored the question of eliminating the payroll tax.

Moe Davis was very forceful in his denunciation of the proposal. He said that seniors has paid their Social Security benefits when they were working and they should absolutely continue receiving them. Madison Cawthorn was the last to respond, saying he would need to have President Trump explain the proposal to him. Here’s a simple explanation–the proposal would defund Social Security so it could not pay benefits after 2023.

Seniors–the choice is clear. Do you want to continue receiving your Social Security benefit after 2023? Vote to protect your monthly Social Security check.

—Robert Rietz, Asheville

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