Letter to the Editor: Think about people over party

This is a hyper-partisan election, and Congressional District 11 is very sharply divided.

The Republican, Madison Cawthorn, has never held a serious job, dropped out of college after one semester of poor grades, and has zero legislative experience. Could he organize a Congressional office or draft legislation? The Democrat is Moe Davis, a retired Air Force Colonel, an attorney, and the chief prosecutor at Guantanamo. You don’t get to be an AF Colonel without massive leadership training and experience.

Put aside your “D” or “R” hat for a minute. Which man is best qualified to represent western North Carolina? Which will be better positioned to work for our benefit? If you’re honest in your own head, you know the answer.

Republican voters, consider this “modest proposal”: Vote Davis. Sending Cawthorn to Congress will not benefit WNC. He would be an inexperienced newcomer in the minority party. Davis would be a proven leader of the majority party, with power to do good for our area.

Sending Davis to Congress will benefit the district, and not harm Republicans-the Democrats are going to maintain control of the House. Think about it.

—-Dawn Kucera, Hendersonville

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