Letter to the Editor: WNC deserves better than Cawthorn

I am a retired US Navy Commander and a combat disabled veteran from the Iraq War. I have significant experience working with congress on veterans health issues.

From 2015 to 2018, I was the National Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Association of the US Navy. I am affiliated with the legislative staff of the Vietnam Veterans of America and still advocate for veterans health issues. I need to be able to work with my congressman’s staffers to get things done. Therefore I really need Moe Davis to get elected because he is a man of experience and maturity who will be able to be the most effective at working with other members of congress to enact legislation that will be in the best interest of the 11th district. Conversely, Cawthorn is a mere child and his only job experience is in fast food and some part time work for Mark Meadows. Why Cawthorn is even a candidate is beyond me. Congress is a dog-eat-dog world where you have to wear your big boy pants to survive. Even if Cawthorn were to get elected, he would just be a disruptor like Louie Gomert, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan.

The 11th district does not need that kind of notoriety and deserves much better. And with Democrats in the control of the House, a vote for Cawthorn would be wasted since he would not get on any key committees and would just wander the halls of Congress looking for a home. He would not be able to bring home the bacon to the district.

—-Bill Manofsky, Flat Rock

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