Moe Davis Calls On Senator Richard Burr to Resign






ASHEVILLE — The coronavirus pandemic has roiled our country, sent our economy into a tailspin and created a desperate need to support everyday workers who have been devastated by a loss of income.

Now is a critical moment for leaders to step up to the challenge and do what’s best for our country.

How disgusting to learn that U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and others instead used insider knowledge of that coming devastation to do what is best only for themselves. Following Senate updates on the spread of the coronavirus and impact on our country, Burr reportedly sold as much as $1.7 million in stock before the market crashed.

Moe Davis, Democratic nominee for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District and a constituent of Burr, joins many in the country and in Western North Carolina calling on Burr to immediately resign his Senate seat and face investigation to see if he violated any insider trading laws. Davis also calls for an investigation into all members of the House, Senate and OGE-278 filers (senior government officials) who had access to non-public information on COVID-19 and used it to personally profit, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

“I’m running for Congress to restore integrity and accountability to Washington,’’ Davis said. “Nothing erodes public confidence in government more than public servants serving themselves ahead of the interests of their constituents. It’s particularly appalling when personal profit takes priority over public safety during a global pandemic where countless numbers will get sick, scores will die and millions will suffer.”

In the meantime, Davis will make this pledge to voters in Western North Carolina today: When he is your representative in Congress, he will place all investments in a blind trust.

We need leaders who are in office to look out for our country, not their own pockets.


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  • I wholeheartedly agree and think that what Burr and others did was dispicable! Shame on them!! They should take all that money they pocketed and turn it into help for the communities and unemployed workers who are suffering from this virus. That would be the only way they could make what they did right!

  • Moe Davis will help turn NC Blue in the fall. Lets all get involved in his campaign. Call your friends, canvass, make phone calls, DONATE to win in 2020.

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