Moe talks about why he attended a recent “Back the Blue” event in Franklin (hint: he will be representing all in NC11, and supporting law enforcement and wanting to improve law enforcement are not mutually exclusive), gave thanks to all who are selflessly making face masks, talked about campaigning in the time of coronavirus (how public service means looking out for the public interest), then answered questions on qualified immunity, para-military in our streets, the Posse Comitatus Act, polling showing Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper having sizable leads on their GOP opponents, the size and scope of the NC11 district and its impact on campaigning, why he isn’t accepting corporate PAC money, an update on debates, his thoughts on climate change and the Biden climate task force, whether measures being taken to thwart Russian election tampering are enough, his support for unionization of nursing staff at Mission Hospital, thoughts on the HCA takeover of Mission Hospital, supporting volunteer firefighters receiving compensation for their work, a shout out to all campaign volunteers, and how to stop the politicization of the military. Whew.

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