If racism has no place in America, then it surely has no place in Congress, either.

It is our hope that voters in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District will reach that same conclusion following revelations that Republican Madison Cawthorn posted racist comments on a website designed to attack my candidacy.

As reported by The Bulwark earlier today, Madison Cawthorn criticized a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Tom Fiedler, who has covered this election for a local website. Mr. Fiedler has no connection to my campaign. But the website,, says that Fiedler, “quit his academia job in Boston to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.”

Revelations about Madison Cawthorn’s blatantly racist comment come days after over 150 former classmates at Patrick Henry College – more than half the entire student body during his time there – signed a letter and posted it online calling Mr. Cawthorn a “sexual predator” who lied and vandalized property while attending the college for a little over a semester in 2016-17. The former classmates are now urging voters not to support his candidacy. And all of that follows earlier criticism about Madison Cawthorn’s “bucket list” visit to Adolph Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, where he reverentially referred to Hitler as the “Fuhrer.”

Madison Cawthorn has proven time and time again that he is unfit for public office. From the predatory sexual behavior that caused his Christian conservative classmates at Patrick Henry College to implore NC-11 voters to reject Mr. Cawthorn, to his incessant lying to embellish his own personal story, to his repeated appeals to racism and bigotry, Madison Cawthorn has clearly established his poor moral character.

He has no business representing the good people of Western North Carolina. He does not belong in Congress.

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  • Peter John Chworowsky

    I just donated to your campaign. Be sure to send Madison a thank you note.

    Beat that little sh*t!

  • Contributed to your campaign after I read about this in the Bulwark. We used to live in Wilmington, NC, and my ancestors roamed the mountains of Buncombe. Cawthorn’s behavior drew my attention to your campaign, but reading your story cemented the deal for me. Moe Davis is an honorable, courageous man — the type of person they grow in the mountains and one we should be proud of and support.

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