Statement from Moe Davis on Moving Forward

The voters delivered the “change” election we were hoping for in America and we can all be grateful for that. Joe Biden is our President-Elect and Kamala Harris our Vice President-Elect, and we are just weeks away from decency, stability, reliability and competent leadership returning to the White House. I hope the Senate will accept the will of the people and work with the new administration to control the spread of COVID-19, provide much needed relief to small businesses and workers who are struggling to survive, rebuild our economy so it’s more fair and sustainable, and restore our standing as a world leader.

I’m disappointed there was no “change” election here in the 11th Congressional District where the majority of voters chose the status quo. There was very little variation in the results among the three federal races in any of the 17 counties. For example, in Buncombe County, Joe Biden got 59.8 percent of the votes, Cal Cunningham got 57.9 percent, and I got 58.4 percent. I entered the race believing that character and competence, and realistic plans to address the problems that plague the District, mattered the most. At the end of the day, the only thing that mattered to most voters was whether candidates had an “R” or a “D” next to their names. Western North Carolina is behind and a lot of time and money goes into ensuring we stay there.

While I am disappointed in the outcome, I am forever grateful to the thousands of voters who supported me, the over 1,000 volunteers who graciously gave of their time and effort, and the thousands of individuals who made over 40,000 donations to my campaign. I’m also grateful to my wife Lisa for her unwavering support and to my dedicated campaign team who put their hearts and souls into this endeavor. We didn’t win, but we had a heck of a ride.

I’m going to take some time off after a year-long effort. But as I said on Tuesday night, I’m not going anywhere and I will do my part to help move us forward. I intend to remain active and vocal in supporting the issues that are important to so many of us. I’m not going to give up until others look with envy at a proud and progressive Western North Carolina.

I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy. Wear a mask in public. Wash your hands. Adopt a shelter pet. And together, we can have better days ahead.

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  • You were the most qualified hands down.

  • Thanks Moe – I remain confused by the outcome of this race and will continue to support your future efforts. Character and experience matter

  • Donna Levine-Small

    I’ll always support you, Moe – I’m disappointed also in the choices made by the district – thank you for your service and you and your family stay safe!

  • This is a process. We moved the needle in “red” Henderson County. We will start working immediately to take the next steps.

  • It is heartbreaking to David and I that you will not be where you belong in Congress. You have brought such honor to this area with your campaign. You DEFINITELY deserve a rest, but I’m going to trust that you’ll not be gone. Thank you so very much for all you gave of yourself and resources to this campaign.

  • The fact that the most qualified & very best candidate bar none was not elected in Western NC should give most decent, caring people pause as to why. Some honest person with a conscience may someday disclose that the election process/machines were rigged by/for the GOP candidates. Otherwise, Democratic Congressional candidates would have won by a landslide instead of losing by a thin margin… or need a run-off election like here in Georgia.
    Moe ~ I don’t even know you personally, but have followed you on Twitter & also did due diligence. From one old lawyer to another, please get some rest & don’t give up on your constituents when you’re ready for another go at it. We can always hope they may smarten up by then. Ciao! ~ MomsHugs

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