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A Congressional subcommittee recently held a hearing on H.R. 8255, a bill to legalize a Department of Interior decision to allow South Carolina’s Catawba Indian […]

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If racism has no place in America, then it surely has no place in Congress, either. It is our hope that voters in North Carolina’s […]

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I find it ironic that Madison Cawthorn believes he is a fighter, when he certainly did not expend much energy when fighting for the position […]

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I want to thank Col. Moe Davis for his willingness to serve as our representative to Congress from western North Carolina. Two recent articles in […]

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We all know the parable about not pouring wine into old wineskins. But what happens when an old wine that is aged too long is […]

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Madison Cawthorn just lost my and my family’s vote. As someone who usually votes Republican, I was willing to give him the benefit of the […]

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If you’re interested in a living wage job, higher-paying green jobs, and wealthy corporations paying taxes for a change, vote for a Democrat. Vote for […]

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Public health experts warned for months that the coronavirus is a dangerous global pandemic that cannot be taken lightly. Unfortunately, time has proven the experts […]

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This fall we in Western North Carolina (NC District 11) have the opportunity to hire a new person to represent us in Congress. The annual […]

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Politics is about a lot more than keeping us amused. Through our representatives we are offered a say in the quality and content of our […]