“Another Endorsement for Moe Davis” — Letter to the Editor

From Gary Lawrence of Weaverville, published in the Feb. 4 edition of the Citizen Times:

I am writing this letter of endorsement for Moe Davis for Congress for three important reasons.

First of all is Mr. Davis’ experience within the Washington DC political process. He has the unique experience of having worked within this system with members of Congress crafting legislation that has become Law. This is very important in that he “can hit the ground running” and would be considered for prime committee positions. This would be beneficial to the residents of NC-11 giving him credibility and a platform to represent the needs of our District.

Second, he is a man of ethics and moral courage, proven by his actions standing up against President Bush and President Obama on issues where his position was diametrically opposed to that of their Administrations.

Lastly, his stand on the issues of the day including healthcare, education, and jobs are based on common sense and something that all Western NC voters can understand and support. I encourage everyone to consider voting for Moe Davis in the upcoming primary election.

Gary Lawrence, Weaverville

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