“Cawthorn Needs Experience” Letter to the Editor

From Cathy Shields of Flat Rock, published in the July 5 edition of BlueRidgeNow.com

I was somewhat surprised to see that Madison Cawthorn won the GOP primary but am amazed that this young man at 24 years of age feels that he has the knowledge to lead my district in Congress. I am 74 years old and I know that experience and wisdom are key components that are essential to help our country heal and recover from the pandemic, economic crisis and social inequality.

Why is Madison running at this level? Why not some state legislature position where he can gain experience and understanding of government workings? The photo op of Madison with a huge gun is a chilling reminder also that he does not regard the slaughter of our citizens by guns an important problem.

I support Moe Davis because he has the integrity and experience to lead our district and country through these very tough times. It is not the time for a young man of 24 with no background other than real estate to hold a congressional seat.

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