“Congressional Race” Letter to the Editor

From Steve Harrison of Hendersonville, published in the July 5 edition of BlueRidgeNow.com

Madison Cawthorn’s victory sent a significant signal to Trump, the GOP and Mark Meadows, who tried to orchestrate a devious path for family friend Linda Bennett to succeed him. But I’m insulted by Madison railing against an “assault from leftist coastal elites.”

I guess I am one of them because I was born in California. I have lived in North Carolina for the past 25 years and will always respect people of all faiths to practice their faith. But I don’t accept people of one faith trying to impose their faith on everyone else.

I also respect our freedoms. But as many of us white folks are learning, not everyone in America enjoys the same freedoms. So I support the peaceful assembly of people demonstrating against systemic racism. I also support people’s individual values that do not infringe on others. So I support advances, like gay marriage, that allow people who love each other to enjoy the benefits of marriage that we heterosexuals do.

Madison brags that he is a “fighter.” What I want is a peacemaker and healer. I’m voting for Moe Davis.

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