“Davis stands for peace” — Letter to the Editor

From Nancy Alenier of Asheville, published in the Feb. 25 edition of the Citizen Times:

Since I made my enthusiastic support for Moe Davis public, I’ve had lots of friends and family ask how I can get behind someone who worked for the Bush Administration at GITMO. You’re a bonafide anti-war pacifist, they point out. You marched against the war in Vietnam. Your best friend was killed at Kent State protesting the expansion of the wars in Southeast Asia. You lost friends. You hate war.

The broad, short explanation is that Davis stood up to his superiors by opposing torture, quitting when he was outranked, and then led the effort to close GITMO in conjunction with activists and international human rights organizations.

Here’s what Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe has to say: “Moe [Davis] stood up against Guantanamo and torture; few had the courage to do so. We need more people with that kind of integrity, especially now.”

If you want more details, just ask. But trust me that his record on peace and justice is stellar. The other Dem candidates can hope to do something significant, to make a difference; Moe Davis has the receipts. Join me in voting for Moe Davis to represent NC-11.

Nancy Alenier, Asheville

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