Gayle Kemp Full Statement on Endorsing Moe Davis

Gayle Kemp, a Fletcher attorney who ran for North Carolina State House in District 117 in 2018, said Moe Davis’s military record and support for the VA was critical to her endorsement. Here is her full statement:

“Upon learning that Col. Moe Davis refused to use evidence resulting from torture as a prosecutor of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, I knew he was a person of integrity. I saw a person who believes in the Constitution. We need a Congressional Representative who knows and follows the rule of law. As an attorney, I know from my lifelong practice that our system and our society would be better if everyone had that same commitment as Moe.

“And as a veteran of the Air Force, Col. Moe Davis can be counted on to look out for veterans. Our VA, in recent years, has been criticized for its medical services. But Col. Moe Davis will stop starving the VA of funds as the retiring representative did. Those, like my late husband, who died in a VA hospital as a result of his service during the Vietnam War, deserve the full respect and understanding of Washington. Col. Moe Davis will fight for the support of our veterans and for our VA hospitals.

“These are just two of the reasons that I endorse Col. Moe Davis for the 11th District Congressional seat. WNC needs him to represent our values in Washington. WNC needs him to fight for all of us to be served by our government.”




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