Greg Gallagher Full Statement on Endorsing Moe Davis

Greg Gallagher, a teacher from Rutherford County who ran for the North Carolina State House in District 112 in 2018, pointed to Moe Davis’s integrity as the reason for his endorsement. His full statement:

“Every weekend, I travel to the Blue Ridge Parkway and sometimes, I visit the Roy Taylor Forest. The land was set aside by Congress and the man who got the bill enacted was James McClure Clarke. It is monument to Representative Clarke and Representative Taylor’s public service. Congressman Clarke also got the funding for the Federal Building in downtown Asheville. The 1980s and 1990s were a time when our Congressmen got projects done for the 11th district. Most of all, Jamie Clarke brought decency to the office and did not use the office for fringe issues or endless self promotion.

“Moe Davis will bring a similar commitment to public service and will work on issues that improve the lives of the people of the 11th District. We need integrity from our leaders and Moe served this nation with distinction during his time in the Air Force. As the Chief Prosecutor for Terrorism Trials at Guantanamo Bay, Moe Davis stood for the rule of law when the President crossed line. Moe did not back down from the awesome power of the Presidency, because he swore to protect the Constitution and he took his oath to heart. Integrity, responsibility and honesty are the essence of Moe Davis.

“As a former Congressional aide, magazine publisher, candidate for NC House 112 and now a teacher, my fervent hope is that Moe will help struggling teachers throughout the USA. We need federal funds to build new schools and replace aging ones. Rutherford County schools are falling into disrepair because of lack of funding. Any school district with schools over 50 years old should receive federal assistance to build new facilities. Also, Moe needs to reverse the damage done by the inept, corrupt leadership of Betsy DeVos, head of the U.S. Department of Education. Lastly, a federal supplement for teachers would help state’s that are struggling to keep teachers.

Moe Davis will bring decency and a dedication to public service back to Washington. Vote for Moe Davis on Tuesday March 3rd.


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