“Moe Davis best option for 11th District” Letter to the Editor

From Sue Resnik of Sylva, published in the June 17 edition of Smoky Mountain News.

Don’t know who to vote for yet on Nov. 3 for Rep. Mark Meadows’ vacant U.S. House seat? Perhaps this will help with your decision.

Moe Davis, candidate for the seat, has a very impressive resume. His degree is in criminal justice, having worked in law enforcement training at the NC Department of Justice when Rufus Edmisten was attorney general. He earned a law degree and served in the military, was deployed to the Middle East and tried over 100 criminal cases in the 25 years he was in the military, writing more briefs and arguing more cases in the appellate courts than anyone in Air Force history. He was appointed lead investigator for the 2003 sexual assault investigation at the Air Force Academy. In 2008 he retired as a colonel.

He is unwilling to be a yes-man regardless of who happens to be the president of the United States. Moe Davis was chief prosecutor at Guantanamo under the Bush Administration. Rather than following the order to use evidence obtained through torture, he resigned his post.

He was fired as Senior National Specialist for Congress during the Obama Administration because he criticized the policy on prosecutions at Guantanamo. After he sued, supported by the ACLU, his free speech rights case was settled after seven years, he was compensated and his employment record cleared.

No matter if you lean Republican, Unaffiliated or Democrat, this is the man for the House seat in District 11. As he says, “It’s not about party; it’s about doing what’s right.”

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