Moe Davis for Congress Newsletter — April 13, 2020



April 13, 2020



Folks, we saw the Republican game-plan play out in Wisconsin last week. They are going to do everything they can to suppress the vote because, as President Trump made clear, it’s the only way to assure the GOP maintains power.

With the coronavirus pandemic possibly spiking again in the fall, there could be massive closures of polling locations as we saw in Wisconsin. A simple vote-by-mail system is the best option, but Republicans who control the North Carolina State Assembly won’t allow it. They’re not too fond of democracy, either.

But absentee voting is still available and we are urging voters throughout the 11th District to use that system to vote safely in the Nov. 3 general election. You can go to this link for an application, which can be submitted now. Among those who are advocating for absentee and mail-in voting: Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Although you have until Oct. 27 to mail in a request for an absentee ballot, we would advise doing so well in advance. As we saw in Wisconsin, many people who requested absentee ballots late in the process did not receive their ballots in time.

You may notice that the application can also be used to vote in the June 23 Republican runoff in the 11th Congressional District between Madison Cawthorn and Lynda Bennett. Please note if you are unaffiliated and voted in the Democratic primary on March 3, you cannot vote in the Republican runoff.

And while you’re at it, take a moment to double-check that your voter registration is still valid. We have seen voter purges in the past.


One of the lessons the global pandemic has taught us is that real estate experience is poor preparation for the complex challenges of managing international relations and national security.

Now more than ever, we need people in Washington who know how to lead rather than deflect blame. Now more than ever, we need people who have the diplomatic skills and experience to bring the world together in a time of crisis to defeat this common enemy.

Moe Davis is a retired Air Force Colonel, former Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, and ex-Senior Specialist in national security and division head for the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Division at the Congressional Research Service.

He understands national security and how it is impacted by the coronavirus. He knows this country is less safe with submissive Trump enablers in Congress.

The GOP marches in lockstep obedience behind a president who turned his back on our freedom-loving allies around the world while embracing murderous dictators like Vladimir Putin, allowed North Korea and Iran to move forward with their ambitions to develop nuclear weapons, abandoned the Kurds who fought valiantly for us against ISIS in Syria and allowed them to be slaughtered, and ignored the premeditated murder of a Washington Post columnist by Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s thugs.

America has forfeited the leadership role in the world that generations before us sacrificed so much to earn. And that is costing us dearly during this global pandemic. At this moment in history, the United States should be the leader in combating this common enemy. Instead, we have nations going their separate ways, working in opposite directions and competing against each other for resources. At a time when common sense tells us that we should all be pulling together to combat a global pandemic, instead we push apart.

With the right leaders in Washington, from the White House to Congress, we can not only combat the current crisis, we can ensure that we are much better prepared for the next one. Now is not the time to send more real estate agents or wannabe real estate investors to Congress for introductory lessons in national security and international relations.

We all know in our hearts that’s not what this country needs.


Josh Remillard, the Iraqi war veteran who is running for the NC House District 117 seat, has released a video endorsement of Moe Davis.

“Together, we’re going to fight to expand Medicaid, improve educational outcomes for our children and safeguard our environment,” Remillard said. “That’s why I’m endorsing Moe Davis for Congress.”

Moe has also endorsed Remillard. You can watch that video here. And, if you can, make a donation.


The slogan for The Washington Post is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Without journalists and vigorous media coverage of government and politics, citizens are unable to make informed decisions in the voting booth.

Sad to say, there are parts of the 11th District that are dark as night. Cutbacks have led to limited or non-coverage of politics at many newspapers in Western North Carolina. So voters are not getting the information they need about candidates from independent sources.

That’s why we need your help. We want to spread the word about Moe Davis and let those who don’t follow politics closely know there is a candidate for Congress with relevant experience and the leadership skills desperately needed in Washington now. You can help us do that.

Seek out 11 friends and family who might not be paying close attention to the 2020 elections and let them know about Moe. You can send a link to our website, forward this newsletter, talk to them about why you believe Moe is the right choice for Western North Carolina and invite them to reach out to 11 of their friends and family as well.

That’s how we can build a movement in the 11th District and reach voters who perhaps didn’t vote in the past, or convince unaffiliated voters who aren’t getting enough information about the candidates, to make an informed choice.


In times of need, it is heart-warming to see our people step up to help others. Joy Boothe started the Yancey County Mask Makers, a Facebook group, in order to help supply those in need with masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Janice Jackson has done the same in Mitchell County.

That’s what we call Mountain Strong.

And you can’t beat this logo designed by Tim. A. Honeycutt!


Don’t forget to catch Moe Talks Facebook Live Virtual Town Hall today at 12:30 p.m. and Thursday at 7 p.m. Moe will answer your questions — all you have to do is ask! Please send questions to [email protected] or via the message link on our campaign Facebook page.

We are going to be hosting virtual town halls for several weeks and perhaps as long as the stay-home order is in place in North Carolina and it is not safe to gather in large groups. You can sign up on our Facebook campaign page @MoeDavisforCongress for notifications of live broadcasts as well.

Please take a moment to “like” and “follow” our Facebook campaign page.


We have tried to pick up our many campaign signs around the 11th District, but it is inevitable we will miss some.

If you happen to notice a sign in your area, please take a moment to pick it up. Let us know you have it and we will arrange to get it back.

Thank you!


Stay safe. Stay home.


Mountain Strong




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  • Even if you are planning to vote in person, please request an absentee ballot- it is very simple and can either be use or not, depending on the circumstances in November. It’s a sure backup to ensure that every Democrats’ vote counts.

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