Moe Davis Makes His Claim for U.S. Congress

UNC Asheville’s The Blue Banner, published Feb. 25, 2020:

By Rylie Daniel

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Greetings of ‘nice-to-meet-you’ fill the mountain-side home. The occasional manicured hand reaching for a deviled egg or a Jun drink. Tallulah scampers by receiving gentle pats and “good girl” praises. The sea of middle-to-old-aged white people adorned with expensive jewelry and tasteful clothing fits the scene in a picturesque way. Blending into the small crowd stands the retired colonel. Dressed up in a navy suit with a simple checked tie, Moe Davis makes his way around the room taking time to converse. It isn’t until the food spread becomes sparse and the company becomes comfortable that the host sounds a whistle and the attention dwindles down to one.

“Well first, thank you and Joanne for doing this and thank you all for coming. It’s a beautiful day and I think there are other things you could be doing, so I really appreciate you taking time to be here,” Davis said.

As Election Day approaches, Congressional candidate for the 11th District Moe Davis expresses the urgent need for action in the country and Western North Carolina to residents.

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