Moe Talks! Live Town Hall for June 1

Moe Davis speaks about the death of George Floyd and the ensuing strife and gives an update on COVID-19 cases in the region. Then he answers questions on how to help the 40+ million newly unemployed, what voting might look like in October/November, Lynda Bennett claiming she would serve Meadows/Jordan/Cruz and Moe saying he will represent the people of Western North Carolina, Trump’s executive order on social media and judicial review, implications of governing without a budget, legislation to protect BIPOC and hold LEO accountable, where he stands on legalizing/taxing marijuana, if bus drivers and grocery store clerks are essential why shouldn’t Congress have to show up to work, an update on the new home (and the bears), compare/contrast leadership styles of Roy Cooper and Donald Trump, what has Donald Trump done right, outlawing the knee on neck restraint technique, legislation Moe supports to help Veterans, the VA, and those with mental health issues, and how poor both GOP contenders would fare in a debate with Moe.



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