Moe Talks Live Town Hall for May 14

Moe Davis answers questions from potential constituents about the HEROES Act (the U.S. House’s latest stimulus bill, which helps states, counties, cities and other local governments), green jobs and education, how to heal the partisan divide, retraining of fossil fuel workers for green jobs, cutting the defense budget, the military and climate change, infrastructure, why protecting endangered species is important, the relationship between GOP politicians and hypertension, how to help veterans and female veterans in Western North Carolina, immigration reform and DACA, the Patriot Act and Section 215, how to attract GOP voters, cleaning up coal ash, Moe’s reaction to Michiganders carrying assault-style weapons into their state capitol, and the lack of social distancing at 11th District Republican runoff candidate Madison Cawthorn events — hugs, autographs given, etc — and Cawthorn’s lack of judgment.


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