Moe Talks! Live Town Hall for May 21 with Bob Scott

Moe Davis talks with Mayor Bob Scott (Unaffiliated — Franklin, NC) about all things Franklin, including a discussion on the importance of broadband access and the widening rural/urban divide in the 11th District. Then Moe answers questions on how states are going to continue to pay essential employees without federal support, Senator Burr’s possible resignation, a resurgence of the Civilian Conservation Corps, possible intervention by the executive branch to stop voting by mail, NC torts, packing the Supreme Court, where the young voters are hiding, the unemployed working polling stations, the Democratic National Convention going virtual, attorney general William Barr, Michael Flynn et al, his thoughts on the winner of the runoff, whether COVID-19 could lead to less partisanship, possible prosecutions of current administration members in 2021 and beyond, and worthy candidates to send some dollars.

Our special guest next Thursday, May 28th, will be State Sen. Terry Van Duyn (NC-49) from Asheville.


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  • Graeme,
    Thanks so much to you (and Moe!) for hosting the fabulous ‘meet the candidates’ Zoom calls. My husband Burt and I have joined two so far, and are so impressed with the candidates. Thanks for letting me know how we can best share the recordings … Thanks! CC

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