Moe Talks Zoom Overdrive!

The Moe Davis for Congress Campaign is going into Zoom Overdrive. We will have four Moe Talks Live Town Halls next week with guests for three of those events.


  • We’ll add a special edition of Moe Talks on Monday night at 7 p.m. with five NC State Senate nominees covering the 11th Congressional District: Brian Caskey (NC-48), Victoria Fox (NC-50), Julie Mayfield (NC-49), Edward Phifer (NC-46), David Wheeler (NC-47).
  • On Tuesday, May 26, at 7 p.m., Moe will be joined by six NC State House nominees in the 11th District: Ted Remington (NC-85), Ed Hallyburton (NC-112), Sam Edney (NC-113), Josh Remillard (NC-117), Alan Jones (NC-118), Susan Landis (NC-120)
All events will be on Facebook Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom, and will be available afterward on the campaign website, Facebook and YouTube. Click the above links to preregister.

And share this email with friends and members of organizations. We need to get all of the above nominees elected!

Sneak preview for Thursday June 4 — Moe’s special guest on Moe Talks will be former 11th District Democratic primary candidate Michael O’Shea.

Join us!

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