North Carolina Association of Educators Endorses Moe Davis






May 8, 2020





The North Carolina Association of Educators, the largest education advocacy organization for public school employees in the state, has announced its endorsement of Moe Davis for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District.

The NCAE, which represents active, retired and student members, pointed to Moe Davis’s record of standing up for principles in announcing the endorsement.

“During this time of uncertainty in our country, we need leaders like Moe Davis,” NCAE President Mark Jewell said in a press release. “For him, it’s clearly not a popularity contest. He is not afraid to speak up and speak out when he sees an injustice. He is not afraid to sacrifice for others. He is a true champion for doing what’s right, even if it costs him personally. We need lawmakers like Moe in Washington who are willing to put the citizens first.”

Moe stood up to the Bush administration and refused to use evidence obtained through torture when he was a Colonel in the Air Force and Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay. He later stood up to the Obama administration to defend free speech rights of government employees. Both decisions came at a personal cost to his career.

“I’m truly honored to receive the endorsement of the North Carolina Association of Educators,’’ Davis said. “Unlike the two Republicans competing to run against me in November, I am a product of 19 years in the North Carolina public schools and universities system. I’m grateful to all of the educators who prepared me for what has been an interesting and rewarding professional life. Education is an investment in our future and I’m committed to doing all that I can to enhance public education in Western North Carolina and across the Tar Heel State.”

The NCAE joins the Sierra Club, VoteVets, AFL-CIO Western North Carolina Central Labor Council, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, EqualityNC, Patriotic Millionaires and the Progressive Turnout Project in endorsing Moe Davis for Congress. He has also been named a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction.

You can learn more about Moe Davis at and follow him at @ColMorrisDavis and @MoeNC11 on Twitter, and at @MoeDavisforCongress on Facebook and Instagram.


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