PRESS RELEASE: Local Leaders Throughout the 11th District Endorse Moe Davis for Congress






January 28, 2020




Political leaders from Hayesville to Hendersonville and Spruce Pine to Rutherford County have stepped forward to endorse Moe Davis for Congress in 2020. They include past and current Democratic candidates throughout the 11th District:

  • Dr. Scott Donaldson
  • David B. Wheeler
  • Norm Bossert
  • Gayle Kemp
  • Emmet Carney
  • Aaron Martin
  • Ed Hallyburton
  • Greg Gallagher

All are endorsing Moe Davis. They join former Asheville City Council member Gordon Smith and a long list of national endorsers that includes Chris Lu, former Deputy Secretary of Labor, and COL Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell, in support of Davis.

Davis, 61, grew up in Shelby, N.C. He attended Appalachian State in Boone and earned a law degree from North Carolina Central University and joined the Air Force in 1983, rising to Colonel in 2001 before retiring in 2008. He was Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay from 2005-2007, resigning his post after refusing an order to use evidence obtained through torture.

Davis was a Senior Specialist in National Security for Congress, a law professor at Howard University and most recently worked as a judge at the Department of Labor before moving back home to North Carolina and announcing a run for Congress. He lives in Asheville.

“Clearly Moe Davis has a wealth of experience,’’ said Dr. Scott Donaldson of Hendersonville, a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 11th District in 2018. “It’s a lifetime of serving his country at the very highest of levels. When you get to the Colonel level, it’s a big deal. This nation has asked him to do some very difficult things over the years and he’s risen to the occasion. He’s done that duty. A lot of people know Moe Davis. Most of the people that know him like him. And trust him. You can count me as one of them.”

David B. Wheeler, of Spruce Pine, a candidate for the North Carolina State Senate in District 47 in 2018 and 2020, said, “We have a unique opportunity to take back this Congressional district for the people, not just special interests. I want someone who can not only win but will redirect the focus on helping all of our people, protecting the environment, better education funding, increasing wages for working women and men, will defend reproductive freedom, and take better care of our senior citizens. That person is Moe Davis. Moe can win. Let’s unite now behind Moe and take back this seat. Go Moe go!”

Added Norm Bossert of Pisgah Forest, the Democratic nominee for North Carolina State Senate in District 48 in 2016 and 2018: “I’m coming out for Colonel Moe Davis. I’ve had two opportunities to meet Moe. I’ve also read where he stands on the issues on his website. I believe that Moe is a candidate with a real chance to win a tough seat. He knows the facts and knows what is needed to win this election. I look forward to giving him my vote.”

Gayle Kemp, a Fletcher attorney who ran for North Carolina State House in District 117, said Moe Davis’s military record and support for the VA was critical to her endorsement.

“Upon learning that Col. Moe Davis refused to use evidence resulting from torture as a prosecutor of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, I knew he was a person of integrity,’’ Kemp said. “I saw a person who believes in the Constitution. We need a Congressional Representative who knows and follows the rule of law. As an attorney, I know from my lifelong practice that our system and our society would be better if everyone had that same commitment as Moe.”

Emmet Carney, former Buncombe County Democratic Chairman, ACLU Volunteer Board member and Assistant District Attorney, also offered his endorsement.

“I am excited to endorse Moe Davis for Congress in the newly reformed 11th District. Col. Davis has 25 years of leadership experience in the Air Force, and some of that experience includes pushing back against overreaching presidents,’’ Carney wrote. “He knows what the government is supposed to look like and hopefully that experience will be put to use. His stances on the issues make him a viable candidate and his determination and drive will be used to help ALL of the constituents of the 11th Congressional District. I am happy to make this endorsement and excited about his candidacy.”

Aaron Martin of Hayesville, State Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency from 2009-13 and a District Director who worked with farmers from Rutherford to Cherokee counties over 35 years, pointed to the advantage Moe Davis will have in November as one of the reasons he should win the nomination.

“I have read his positions and agree with all of them,’’ said Martin, a Democrat who ran for North Carolina State House District 120 in 2018. “His background in the military and knowledge of national security issues and so forth makes him the best fit for Western North Carolina. Of utmost importance, I believe Moe is the only one who can win in November.”

Ed Hallyburton, a teacher from Connelly Springs who is running for North Carolina State House in District 112 in 2020, is endorsing Moe Davis. Hallyburton’s predecessor in that race, Greg Gallagher, has also endorsed Moe.

Gallagher, a teacher from Rutherford County who ran in District 112 in 2018, also pointed to Moe’s military record as the reason for his endorsement.

“We need integrity from our leaders and Moe served this nation with distinction during his time in the Air Force,’’ Gallagher said. “As the Chief Prosecutor for Terrorism Trials at Guantanamo Bay, Moe Davis stood for the rule of law when the President crossed the line. Moe did not back down from the awesome power of the Presidency, because he swore to protect the Constitution and he took his oath to heart. Integrity, responsibility and honesty are the essence of Moe Davis.

“Moe Davis will bring decency and a dedication to public service back to Washington. Vote for Moe Davis on Tuesday, March 3rd.”

Full statements from several endorsers can be found at


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