Statement from Colonel Moe Davis

I’m grateful to over 1,000 volunteers who worked tirelessly to help me try to bring better days to Western North Carolina. I’ll be forever grateful for their support.  But the voters have spoken and while I’m disappointed, I respect their decision.

We live in a divided America and a divided Western North Carolina. It is now up to those elected to find a way to heal the divisions, seek common ground and work together to reduce poverty, increase access to healthcare and protect our precious environment.

There is a lot of work to do. We are here to help.

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  • Love the race you ran. Thank you for inspiring an ex-AF, NC high schooler, hippie out in California. You’re fighting for the right causes. I’m proud of you.

  • I am so sorry for NC11 and embarrassed that there were not enough of us to elect you. We needed you and I fear will not be well served by the boy Trumper.

  • We deeply appreciate all you did for the Democrats in Western North Carolina — thank you for all your efforts. Let’s start working now towards 2022!

  • So very sorry about your loss, Mr. Davis. You were the right candidate! It only proves, yet again, that people today are more concerned about the political party and hearing what they want to hear (even if it’s a lie) than the person’s experience, talent, and core. Congress is not an entry level position and yet that’s exactly what we’ve got now representing our area. An embarrassment, just like 45.

  • I’m so sorry, I did my best too. I talked to everyone about voting for you and not candidate brody…. Best of luck in everything you do sir and thank you for your service.

  • Moe, so sorry that a majority of the people of western North Carolina would not look beyond your party affiliation and elect a truly good man.

  • Col. Davis, I was looking forward to calling you representative Davis. I support you 100%. I know you were willing to fight hard for your district and I appreciate that once again you were willing to answer the call to service.

  • Stay safe, have a break, decompress.
    And then tell us all if you’re up for 2024.

  • Marsha Gitkind Partington

    Hi Moe and Lisa,
    To say I was disappointed with the election results would be a gross understatement. I believe(d) in you and was so hoping you would win. I am sickened that your opponent will be representing us in Washington. I do know that while you may not have won this election, you are a “winner” as a person, and I trust you will continue to do what you can for the people living in WNC. As you yourself say, “it is always the right time to do the right thing.” It has been a joy to get to meet you both and I wish you the best going forward.
    Marsha Partington (CR’s mom)

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