Statement from Moe Davis on Republican runoff election

Congratulations to Madison Cawthorn on his win over Lynda Bennett, but now we turn our attention to November.

We all know that Western North Carolina has fallen behind in access to healthcare, education, jobs that pay well and more. We’ve got an opportunity to change course and lean into the future. Better days are ahead, and I’m committed to do all I can to see that we get there.

I spent 25 years in the Air Force and retired as a Colonel. One thing I learned in the military: You have to earn your rank. No one in the service starts at the top and I don’t think the people of Western North Carolina believe a congressional seat should be handed to someone like a graduation present.

Experience matters. Leadership matters. Knowledge matters.

There couldn’t be a clearer choice in November.

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  • David Hoff-Shimon

    What’s your thought on Madison Cawthorn’s pledge to vote for term limits on all congressional seats?


  • Congratulations Col. Davis! I cannot wait for a wide ranging, honest debate. If it were me, and I never did speech and debate club in high school, and just a bit in college, and even then it was poetry, I’d meet up with this gentle person who is your opponent and be honest with just the two of you in the zoom/room and pick issues that matter to the people you want to represent. Don’t let the press or handlers dictate your interactions, the two of you can just ZOOM. You can build a Union, depolarize the future, someone has to start. Don’t play by traditional or even current political norms, make new ones. You are wise in ways I can only hope to learn, and the people of NC 11 deserve to have real representation and that means listening, even to your opponent. So, give him the time of day, the way politics should be. Be the new face of North Carolina, lead by example. And again, thank you for your service. I know it was hard. It was hard for my Dad in Korea, for my sister who served in Iceland, and her husband who served in Vietnam, and my brother who served in the Signal Corps on the Reagan/Gorbechav communication satellite who was medically retired at 23. The true 1% of America is service members, and respectful discourse is the training that we all need, if you are feeling so inclined.

  • Even with the obvious superiority of our candidate it will take a lot of effort to overcome the remaining gerrymander in District 11. Lets get to work!

  • It would be a hard sell to vote for any member of the human race that worked on behalf of the US government in Guantanamo, other than dismantling it. A stain on our country a stain to the world.

    • Graeme McGufficke

      There is much misunderstanding about what went on at Guantanamo Bay. Moe’s job, however, was to prosecute the detainees. He gained national prominence in 2007 when the Bush Administration ordered him, as the Chief Prosecutor, to use evidence obtained by torture. He resigned his post, and became an outspoken critic of Guantanamo. (Graeme, Campaign Manager)

  • Hi, was the district map redrawn or is it still the same gerrymandered district it was before? Also, I’d love to chat about getting involved in the campaign. Graeme, are you the person to speak to?



    • Graeme McGufficke

      NC11 has been redistricted. Not a complete deletion of the gerrymander, but it is a much more competitive district than it was from 2012-18. Asheville and Buncombe County, which is the heart of all that is liberal/progressive in Western NC, has been reunited in the new NC11.

      In order to volunteer for the campaign, click the Get Involved link above, fill out your personal information, and then add things that you would be interested in doing, or list a number of skills that you possess.

      Thanks for your support! (Graeme, Campaign Manager)

  • Why can’t Moe write for himself? Is he too busy for the little people?

    • Graeme McGufficke

      Moe does write responses to many of the posts on his social media platforms. But it is unrealistic to think that he can get to all of them.

      If you have specific questions for Moe, I’ll get them to him for a personal response. (Graeme, Campaign Manager)

  • “… handed to someone like a graduation present.
    Experience matters. Leadership matters. Knowledge matters.”

    Interesting choice of words. Assuming this was aimed at Cawthorn’s age; are you implying that his hardships in life and small business ownership haven’t lead to personal and professional growth befitting a house rep? I think now, more than ever, is a time to break stereotypes if we intend to represent NC. Largest segment of the population (according to Census data) is 22% under 18, 16% 65 and over. Meaning the majority (56%) would fall in the 18-64 age group (after subtracting 6% under 5). This age group represents equal opportunity for both parties to compete for the district, and isn’t that what we want? Fair politics where the people’s voice is heard? Focus on the issues vs subtle jabs of inconsequential substance, Moe.

    • Graeme McGufficke

      Fair point. We will try to be more sensitive when speaking about his age and experience.

      However, I know a bunch of individuals the same age as Madison who have accomplished a whole lot more in their limited time on earth. Age isn’t a disqualifier, but not having done much definitely throws up red flags.

  • Roger "Beau" Lamoine Lovelace

    I was born and raised in Shelby and former emergency management director of Cleveland county. I am retired fire chief of Hendersonville. U have my total and complete support.

    • Graeme McGufficke

      I’m assuming that you and Moe must know lots of the same people in Cleveland and Rutherford counties. Thanks for your support! (Graeme, Campaign Manager)

  • Hi Moe,
    Just moved to Tryon in March. I’m all ready registered to vote in NC, Polk Cty and you will have my vote.
    I really liked your statement on the Republican primary Tuesday, now it’s time to get you elected!

  • That statement – “I don’t think the people of Western North Carolina believe a congressional seat should be handed to someone like a graduation present” is condescending and arrogant. I would also say that a congressional seat should be a reward for serving in the military.

    • Graeme McGufficke

      Thanks for reaching out to the campaign John. (And I assume you meant that a Congressional seat *shouldn’t* be a reward for military service.)

      As Moe has said before, age isn’t a disqualifier. But lack of experience should be. Yes, his opponent has a compelling “origin story”, but this isn’t a graphic novel. No education, no adult job experience, no leadership roles. Is that who folks want representing them in DC? I think for the vast majority in NC11 the answer is no. (staff)

  • I appreciate that you took a courageous stand against torture. We need a person like you in Congress who is not afraid to speak the truth even when it means sacrificing something as important as a job. I am ready to work for you!

  • Does Moe Davis think there is a real place for pro-life voters in the Democratic Party? The DNC has refused to even acknowledge pro-life Democrats in their platform.

    • Graeme McGufficke

      Moe wrote this in a recent reply to an email:

      “It is not for Moe to draw a line on abortion. The Supreme Court already did that in Roe v. Wade in 1973, ruling there is a right to privacy that allows women to make that decision with their doctors. It is settled law and the moral thing to do is to work on policies that can reduce the need for abortions. Moe supports making birth control more readily available and expanding educational efforts to avoid unintended pregnancies.

      When those unintended pregnancies happen, in addition to access to abortion, we should make prenatal care, childcare, nutritional assistance, housing, adoption support, healthcare and education more accessible. It is unrealistic to expect a woman who may be struggling to support herself day to day to continue an unintended pregnancy when all she can count on going forward is thoughts and prayers.”

      The Democratic Party is a very large tent, and I’m sure there are many members who are pro-life for similar reasons to you. If you can look past that one issue, I’m sure you will find that there are lots of reasons to continue being a member of the Democratic Party. (staff)

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