Statement of support from Thomas Wilner, counsel for Guantanamo detainees in Supreme Court cases

Thomas Wilner was counsel of record to the Guantanamo detainees in the two U.S. Supreme Court cases confirming their right to seek judicial review of their detentions through the writ of habeas corpus. Wilner is also co-founder with Andy Worthington of the organization, Close Guantanamo.

“Colonel Moe Davis is one of the heroes in the fight for justice,” Wilner wrote. “He was assigned as the chief military prosecutor of those detainees charged with war crimes at Guantanamo, and he courageously resigned that position when he found that the procedures adopted were not fair and would not be changed to make them fair.

“Moe Davis has been at the forefront of fighting for justice there ever since. He is a dedicated public servant and would make a superb Congressman. Colonel Davis understands that our greatness as a nation, and our real strength around the world, derives not from our wealth or military power, but from our ideals of justice, human dignity and the rule of law.”


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