WLOS interview: Moe Davis discusses Congressional Race


Moe Davis was interviewed by WLOS-TV in Asheville after Madison Cawthorn’s victory in the runoff election on June 23. Among the comments he made:

“I have got a 30-plus year record of working in the highest levels of the military and in the federal government, having fought in both Republican and Democratic administrations,” Davis said.

“I want to talk about the issues that impact the folks in this district on a day-to-day basis. Education, health care, the environment, broadband, those are the things that impact folks on an every day basis,” he added.

You can see the full report here.

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  • Col. Davis is at least one of the most experienced Congressional candidates who ever ran for that office. A man of vast military and legal expertise who stood up to both a Republican and a Democratic President when they were wrong is just the Congressmen America as well as North Carolina needs.

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