I’m Morris “Moe” Davis. I’m a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, attorney, educator, politician, and former administrative law judge. Although, I’m probably best known for my sharp wit on Twitter. You can follow me (and see for yourself) @ColMorrisDavis. I’m not afraid to say exactly what I mean.

I was appointed the third Chief Prosecutor of the Guantanamo military commissions, where I served from September 2005 until October 2007. I also served as director of the Air Force Judiciary. When I refused to use evidence obtained through torture and submitted my resignation. I retired from active duty in October 2008.

Looking for a new way to make an impact and help the Western North Carolina, I announced my candidacy to replace U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows, in the United States House of Representatives in 2019. While I lost my election bid to the House of Representatives in the 2020 general election, I’m have no plans to stop speaking out and working to make change.


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